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  • The Big Shift

    Do you read labels? To count calories, check fat content or to track carbohydrates? We give those percentages a quick browse and decide if it's a good fit for our chosen lifestyle... We dare not look at the ingredients. Because we know. Apart from the fact that we cannot make head or tail of what some of them actually are, we know they shouldn't be there. But we buy. Because we're in a hurry. And because change is hard. We stick our heads in the sand and hope for the best! I know!! I do it too. As a chef...

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  • Moms, I'm with you.

      A very good friend often says to me (normally round about suicide hour):     It is so unfair that you have 2 chefs in your's a waste of supper-time talent. :-) Now while most of you think we probably create the most amazing 5-star suppers for us and the kids each night, I feel this is probably a good time to set the record straight... We don't. We hardly cook at home. My job has me working in our production kitchen all day everyday. Cooking and baking, in between doing admin with one eye on the cooking and baking,...

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  • The Food Issue

    Everyone knows the joke about the pastor's kids being the naughtiest, the shoemaker's barefoot offspring, the doctor's sickly lot and so on.... But what do they say about the chef's kids? They say not an awful lot. Cause there's not much left to say, really. When you are at your wits end with your kids' eating habits, you rather not say. Who will believe you when you say they hate good food about as much, maybe more, as you love good food? I know one shouldn't lie to kids but who says eating your sausages won't let you turn into...

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