• Moms, I'm with you.


    A very good friend often says to me (normally round about suicide hour):     It is so unfair that you have 2 chefs in your's a waste of supper-time talent. :-) Now while most of you think we probably create the most amazing 5-star suppers for us and the kids each night, I feel this is probably a good time to set the record straight... We don't. We hardly cook at home. My job has me working in our production kitchen all day everyday. Cooking and baking, in between doing admin with one eye on the cooking and baking, and more cooking and baking while searching for new recipes and ideas. When I get home, I help the kids with homework, a quick trip to the beach or pool to cool down, maybe a quick 'feet up' with a cup of tea. Not long and dad arrives back from the coffee bar, where he works with food all day (probably gets to taste a fair amount - and not to mention the coffee quality control that goes on there...), not hungry for food. Maybe for a beer. It is at this time that I normally don't want to think about food or see food, and while Benji is happy with beer in hand, we quite like to just forget about cooking. Which brings me to the point..

    I don't enjoy planning or cooking supper. Just like the rest of us moms.

    Most of our friends and family know, as Murphy's law dictates, we have the 2 fussiest little eaters in our house. And although Leyla (10) is more and more open to trying new things, we are still only making very slow and painful progress with her brother Jamie (7). Not going into the reasons why - I know I only have myself to blame. (And the 'If only I can do it over again, I'll do things very differently' very definitely does not appeal to me at this stage! We certainly ain't doing it again).

    As many of you, I also have a slight resistance when I think 'frozen foods'. It sounds mass produced, taking shortcuts, no idea what's in there - all of which don't sit very well with us moms. When we started Ginger&Co with a small range of 'meals for your freezer'...we decided our biggest emphasis would be on fresh ingredients, no added preservatives and all authentically cooked. Read: No shortcuts and no mass production. The base of a lot of our meals is a homemade tomato sauce. It is packed with veggies. And nothing else. No sugar, no preservatives, just pure earthy goodness. Imagine my relief when our kids took a liking in our lasagnes and pies. They LOVE it. I have never told them just how much veg goes into it - they might stop eating it! Although I believe in the benefits of a low carbohydrate lifestyle, I certainly don't mind at this stage if my kids eat the odd pie pastry (homemade) or pasta (also homemade) if that means they are getting in some veg! Baby steps please... ;-)

    My own constant worry about my kids' eating habits have opened my eyes to the value of the quality of what I can get into them, rather than stressing about what I can't. So I find myself putting every effort into making the Ginger&Co meals as authentic and nutritious as I possibly can. Loads of fresh local produce, good quality ingredients, REAL food. Perfect for our family - because I am lousy at cooking supper, and because I am a pro at pulling a meal out the freezer for my kids! And let me tell you, nothing quite compares to the brutal honesty of a fussy 7-year-old quality controller...

    So join me in getting over the 'frozen food' resistance (a whole lot better than the preservative-packed meals that still look as 'happy' after 6 years, don't you think??)

    And while we are at it.... are you still resisting ordering online?

    Please get over that too. :-)

    **Nutritious and delicious Ginger&Co family meals are available to order online at Daily delivery in East London, South Africa. .

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