• From food issues to fat issues..

    So my last blog entry about my kids' food issues ended on a ever-tighter-fitting-jeans note. While some thought that was funny, I'm sure some of you identified and knew that it was only half funny...and that maybe there were more food issues in my house than merely my kids not eating veg!

    A month later and the said jeans now need a belt to hold 'em up! No diet. So what changed?

    A few eating habits have changed... I started banting. There I said it! Now before you roll your eyes (you see I'm also guilty of that!), please do yourself a favour, buy the book* and try it just for a few days. I tried it for a day and felt completely different by day 2.

    I remember when listening to some of the debates and reading articles about the issue of insulin resistance. I always wondered...but was never brave enough to try. It's quite a thing to cut out all carbs... because let's be honest who hasn't tried it...and fallen off the bus by about 5pm on the very first day?! And with thyroid problems being ruled out, yeah admit it we've all blamed it on the possibility of that little gland being a tad lazy, it had to be something else!

    Well I eventually bought the book (ok my mom bought it for me - isn't it just the nicest feeling when mom and dad spoil you - or maybe they're just concerned about my weight?!), was hooked pretty much straight away and started banting. It worked very quickly for me. I got up on the morning of day 2 and felt lighter. That must have been the bloatedness (didn't even know it was there?) that subsided even after just one day. With almost no initial side effects my body shifted into a much more comfortable place. Hardly any allergies - normally this time of year is a nightmare with hayfever and itchy eyes. Of course the bonus of looser fitting clothes. And eating bacon and avo!?! Really? The list goes on. I love it.

    Being a foodie is obviously a bit problematic on the weight control side of things, unless you are one of those who can eat anything and never put on weight! I'm not and I've always had to watch what I eat (or don't eat) very carefully. Which in turn caused food to become a complicated issue. Never relaxed about what I eat, when I eat it and how much of it I eat - all along envying those who don't give a darn about food...

    So to conclude. I won't even pretend to understand the research and scientific reasons why this lifestyle is advocated by some and condemned by others. All I know is that I've found a lifestyle that suits me.

    For the first time food is no issue. I love food.


     Assembling the banting shepherd's pie that is now available to order



    * The Real Meal Revolution by Tim Noakes, Sally Creed, Jono Proudfoot and David Grier

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