• The Food Issue

    Everyone knows the joke about the pastor's kids being the naughtiest, the shoemaker's barefoot offspring, the doctor's sickly lot and so on....

    But what do they say about the chef's kids?

    They say not an awful lot. Cause there's not much left to say, really. When you are at your wits end with your kids' eating habits, you rather not say.

    Who will believe you when you say they hate good food about as much, maybe more, as you love good food?

    I know one shouldn't lie to kids but who says eating your sausages won't let you turn into the Incredible Hulk? Maybe? Or when your 5-year old asks you why he can't fly, your reply that it is because he doesn't eat vegetables, is not too far fetched is it? But you know very well that you have a bigger problem than the odd white lie when you get excited when they nibble on half a McD's happy meal...or gobble up a not-so-homemade pie from the corner shop!!

    It is 4 years later and my son's 'fussy phase', as the doc called it when I desperately sought advice back then when he first stopped eating, is still alive and well and very much a part of our household! Not so much a phase then was it??

    You're probably saying to yourself what a pushover this mom is. You would never have allowed it to carry on for this long...but I bet you never had a kid with eating issues! (By the way you are very welcome to comment on this post with advice, any advice, please??!!) While I also look back and think how I should have done things differently, I also remember how hard I tried, all the stress (still) and all the tricks I tried to make them eat without creating a whole host of other issues!

    But alas, there's always the hope that this (phase?) too shall pass...

    Maybe that is why we've taken to cooking hearty healthy family meals...for other families. Because back home, we warm up a bowl of pronutro...or two minute noodles if we're lucky!

    So the joke is too true (and on me?!). The chefs' kids don't eat. But I have a sneaky suspicion that deep down inside they are still learning a love and passion for food from mom and dad. Which will probably present itself much later, when they then, like mom, wish they didn't love food quite as much.

    Cause that, as many of us with our ever tighter fitting jeans know, creates a whole new dilemma...


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