• And the rest as they say...

    It’s a great line isn’t it?

    The punch-line to a story filled with trials, filled with obstacles and challenges. A story that ultimately ends in success. And when finally you look back at the road travelled and the successes now apparent, you get to mutter......”and the rest is history”.
    Well that’s all good and proper but right now the only thing that is history is the job I’ve been in for the last 7 years. The General Manager title, company car, cell phone allowance, the perks and the corporate ladder nicely lined up.

    All history.

    There is something very humbling being in a position in which a very large percentage of our working age population also find themselves. Even more so as a husband and father. But every end signals a new beginning. From every disappointment comes lessons learned and new possibilities.
    5 minutes after being notified of the imminent retrenchment happening within our division, Estie and myself began discussing a concept that would develop into Ginger&Co.
    Mind maps littered every surface. Late nights were spent around the stove trying out different recipes. Just as many hours were spent on developing a detailed business and financial plan. And in between it all was wine, laughter, good food and an excitement bubbling in our bellies that hadn’t been there for years.

    So for now, the rest is not history. It is still waiting to be written. The challenges, long days cooking, on the road marketing, deliveries, employing a team to work with, training a team to work with, late nights of admin and of course all of this amongst being parents to our kids and being spouses to each other........I wouldn’t have it any other way. The rest as they say... “is our future to write”!



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