Anyone who appreciates 70's and 80's rock music will be familiar with the song, Don't Stop Believin'. One of the greatest rock anthems. Its opening keyboard riff is unmistakable. It's a fire-in-your-belly kind of song. More recently it was the theme song for Rock of Ages featuring a wild-eyed Tom Cruise as a disconnected rock god.

    It was released back in '81 and somehow never cracked a no1 on any billboard ever??? Hard to believe then, that in 2009 it became the most downloaded song in itunes history. Even the greatest musical gems, the ones that will survive long after modern pop tunes have disappeared, sometimes need time to make their mark in history.

    So why is this a worthy subject for a blog post on a foodie website......

    2014 was quite a year. A year set against a backdrop of medical emergencies, retrenchment, UIF queues, a new business concept, self employment, cash flow drama, a 10 year wedding anniversary, the end of a chapter in our church community, questions of name it and 2014 had it. Probably the best and worst year I can remember.

    So it's been manic, desperate, depressing and wonderful. Family and friends have helped a great has the wine....

    Our ten year anniversary passed without much gift giving but with lots of laughter, sweat and tears as we tackled the challenges of 2014 together as a family.
    And now, coming to the end of the first quarter of 2015 we have a business that is slowly starting to take shape. We have friends and family who are closer than ever before. We have a new found respect for rands and cents. We have started to pick up with our running and fitness which went out the window along with my job. Also slowly starting to appreciate the benefits (and challenges) of self employment.

    And when it all starts getting a bit much....,when the anxiety creeps in, and the sleepless nights of worry start becoming more regular...., I hum a little tune and remind myself. Don't Stop Believing...

    So go on, hit the link and enjoy the song. Just promise me you'll
    never adopt the dress sense.....




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