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      • Moms, I'm with you.

          A very good friend often says to me (normally round about suicide hour):     It is so unfair that you have 2 chefs in your's a waste of supper-time talent. :-) Now while most of you think we probably create the most amazing 5-star suppers for us and the...

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        Anyone who appreciates 70's and 80's rock music will be familiar with the song, Don't Stop Believin'. One of the greatest rock anthems. Its opening keyboard riff is unmistakable. It's a fire-in-your-belly kind of song. More recently it was the theme song for Rock of Ages featuring a wild-eyed Tom...

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      • From food issues to fat issues..

        So my last blog entry about my kids' food issues ended on a ever-tighter-fitting-jeans note. While some thought that was funny, I'm sure some of you identified and knew that it was only half funny...and that maybe there were more food issues in my house than merely my kids not...

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    About Us

    Ginger&Co is a foodie initiative born in Kidd's Beach, Eastern Cape.

    Benji & Estie Gane are the husband-and-wife team who head up Ginger&Co.

    When we cook we do so with with love, laughter, unashamed abandon and more often than not a glass of wine! With personal passion but also due respect given to age old recipes.

    Ginger&Co is about bringing great food, made with love and no small amount of passion to the homes and business's of discerning diners. Meals with a story, meals that have been made with hands and not machines. Meals that will remind you that every time you sit down with friends, family or just by yourself, the food should be an experience and not just a meal.

    Its all about authentic cooking....from our kitchen to yours!

    Follow our blog for everything foodie!